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The consumer purchase cycle has changed drastically over the last 30 years, so your lead generation strategy may need to adapt to those changes.  What's your current lead-generation strategy?  Are you paying $30-$40 per "lead" to an organization that provides prospect contact information to multiple providers?  If so, you've probably discovered the 80% rule - the first person to make contact will gain the business 80% of the time.

What if we could modify your lead generation strategy, and get prospects you call YOU instead?  Using our in-market advertising strategy combined with the reach of Google's search platform, we can do exactly that!

It all comes down to the idea of adapting to today's purchase cycle - The best time to advertise to a potential customer is when they're looking for your products and services!  Traditional advertising that uses Top of Mind Awareness (or TOMA) still has benefits for some industries, but recent surveys and studies have proven in-market advertising to be more effective for consumer products and services in industries such as Insurance, Construction, Auto Repair, Healthcare, Finance, and even Food Service (catering, events, etc.). 


Using a combination of specific & broad search terms and our customized in-market targeting strategy, we're able to determine when a consumer is entering your purchase market and make sure they find YOU first!

We specialize in Lead Generation & Marketing plans for consumer services like Insurance, Mortgage, Finance, Automotive Sales & Service, Construction, & Healthcare. This specialty in consumer-service is an advantage to our customers because it helps us understand how to effectively place your business and your message in front of the consumer when they're looking for your products and services.

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Inbound Lead Generation


Qualified Prospects - Contacting YOUR Office

Advertising with Integrity:

DMA-Exclusive Marketing Options

When working with our Clients, we strive to provide the best possible product and/or service possible. In order to accomplish this, we have to be judicious about a number of parameters: 
  • The first one is the quality of the business we're aligning ourselves with.  When top-tier organizations work together, the marketing results will be tremendously successful.  
  • Second, is the industry our Client is serving.  RDM Solutions' advertising & marketing strategies can work across many industries, and we want to be there every step of the way with top-quality recommendations and strategy execution.  
  • This leads us to the third item: Our Client's location.  Providing top-tier advertising solutions requires us to go a step further than some other agencies - we only serve ONE business in each industry vertical per Designated Market Area (D.M.A.).  
Following these strict guidelines helps assure that our Clients' marketing strategies are never directly competing against one another.  Additionally, this gives each of our Clients "market exclusivity" with our services.  For example: If you operate an Insurance Agency that serves the Austin, TX DMA, your insurance agency is the ONLY ONE we will work with in that particular service area.  The same integrity applies to all of our customers, whether they provide Auto Repair, Residential Construction, HVAC Service, etc.
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