Result Driven Marketing: Supporting Your Business Goals.

What's in a Name?

In our name, it's Results.  RDM Solutions can help your business execute an advertising strategy that will deliver results.  The key to our success is listening to our clients, understanding their needs and goals, and building an advertising strategy designed to help fill those specific needs and accomplish those specific goals.  We use proven strategies to ensure the most effective use of our clients' advertising budget, and we actively monitor and manage our ad campaigns to continually improve success and deliver the results your business need to succeed.  

Advertising with Integrity:

DMA-Exclusive Marketing Options

When working with our Clients, we strive to provide the best possible product and/or service possible. In order to accomplish this, we have to be judicious about a number of parameters: 
  • The first one is the quality of the business we're aligning ourselves with.  When top-tier organizations work together, the marketing results will be tremendously successful.  
  • Second, is the industry our Client is serving.  RDM Solutions' advertising & marketing strategies can work across many industries, and we want to be there every step of the way with top-quality recommendations and strategy execution.  
  • This leads us to the third item: Our Client's location.  Providing top-tier advertising solutions requires us to go a step further than some other agencies - we only serve ONE business in each industry vertical per Designated Market Area (D.M.A.).  
Following these strict guidelines helps assure that our Clients' marketing strategies are never directly competing against one another.  Additionally, this gives each of our Clients "market exclusivity" with our services.  For example: If you operate an Insurance Agency that serves the Austin, TX DMA, your insurance agency is the ONLY ONE we will work with in that particular service area.  The same integrity applies to all of our customers, whether they provide Auto Repair, Residential Construction, HVAC Service, etc.
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